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Egan Dental Laboratory is a family run business providing Dentists with specialist Chrome Cobalt and Prosthetics. We have earned a reputation for delivering a consistently high quality of appliances. You will see we take pride in dealing with you personally in order to provide you and your patient's the best possible service.

If you would like to discuss a project with us, why not contact us now on 01765 698 805 to discuss your requirement's.

About Egan Dental Lab

Egan Dental Laboratory was established in 2002 by brothers Christopher and Richard Egan and a few months later were joined by Chris's wife Gillian. With more than seventy five years of experience collectively in the dental industry the family business is renowned throughout the country as a laboratory that delivers on its promises.

Providing to the private sector we specialize in prosthetics and chrome cobalt, ranging from a one tooth denture to an implant supported prosthesis, supplying some of the leading surgeons in practice today.

Being a family company our values are very simple, to supply dentists with consistently high quality appliances that they are proud to fit. We believe that it is important to talk too and have faith in the technician that is carrying out your work. This is what our reputation has been built on and unlike many companies that are successful and then expand, we have decided to remain as a small business, committing ourselves to working with clinicians on a one to one basis. Operating this way guarantees a high level of consistency and superiority that is now expected by both dentists and patients.

Our DAMAS certification and GDC registration as dental care professionals helps maintain our already high standards. As you would expect from experienced technicians you can always rely on our knowledge and technical support during the manufacture of all appliances made at Egan Dental Laboratory.