Egan Dental Laboratory LTD


"I consider working with such skilled laboratory colleagues a privilege. Our working partnership has developed from a basis of mutual trust, quality care and communication. I admire their level of knowledge within the field of prosthetics and their dedication to detail. My implant patient care has improved significantly since I moved all my implant prosthetic work to Egan Dental laboratory." — Dr. Steve Byfield

"Prosthetic labs are the bane of many a dentist, I hear this from so many practitioners. For more than ten years I have been fortunate to have technicians I can really trust providing me with high quality laboratory support. My practice is now mostly referral based, and I know that this has grown through my demanding high standards, from myself, my patients, staff and technicians. I know that I expect a lot from my lab, and would be happy to recommend the Egan Dental Laboratory. I feel as though we work with mutual respect, and I am sure that if a job can be done, and that depends on what they receive, they will provide the solution. The Egan brothers, including Gill of course, are always willing to chat about cases — their great sense of enjoyment of their work is obvious. They deserve their reputation which is amongst dentists and technicians alike. THANKS A MILLION GUYS, YOU ARE WONDERFUL." — Dr. Nigel Rosenbaum

"I have worked with the Egan Dental Lab for 5 years and could not ask for more from a lab. I want predictability with great aesthetics and am never dissapointed. Their commitment to quality, knowledge and service is second to none. Whether a complete denture case, precision partial or implant retained, these guys will guide, advise and over-deliver." — Dr. James Russell. The London Smile Clinic. Board of Directors BACD.

"Before working with the Egan Dental Laboratory, its fair to say that I hated making dentures. Special trays were short, wax rims didn't fit, try-ins might as well have been made for someone else and the finished dentures didn't occlude. That has all changed. From the Egans' friendly, professional service through to their beautiful finished dentures, its a joy to work with them. If you want to make dentures better than those you see promoted by many specialists, and have comfortable, happy patients, then I would strongly recommend them. At no point and at no stage in the production of a denture do I feel that they have compromised, which is both a massive reduction in my stress, but allows you much more efficiency in your surgery time. The patients also love the results, and many now come on another patients recommendation to receive the best denture treatment possible. The Egans are also great to talk to and have a wealth of clinical knowledge and experience, and even difficult cases become plain sailing with their backup." — Dr. Yusef Ali